Integrated Motor Drives


Compact Integrated Motor-Drive systems


Integrated Motor Drive; It is an electric drivetrain component in which the electric motor and motor drive are compactly presented for battery powered (DC 24V / 48 V / 96 V) applications such as AGV (Autonomous driving vehicle), Golf carts, Electric forklift.

Differences of Compact Electric Motors with Integrated Drive; from other motors:

  • Lightness and low volume
  • High efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Ease of integration
  • Low probability of failure
  • Mobile application interface (Android and IOS)
  • Industry 4.0


Detailed Information

The compact electric motor with integrated driver  uses the latest and highest technology in the literature in all its components (motor, driver and software). One of its innovative aspects is that these components can be combined in a suitable design and can be operated in harmony. Another innovative aspect is that it can communicate with smart devices and allow data monitoring and control.

Optimized with meta-heuristic algorithms, the compact electric motor with Integrated driver offers quiet operation as well as high efficiency and long battery life.

The compact electric motor with integrated driver is produced in accordance with the interface compatible with Android/IOS and ROS (Robot Operating System), as well as communication with Canbus, Modbus and Bluetooth. In addition, it has an electronic card design integrated into the engine, which does not produce electromagnetic pollution and is not affected by this pollution.


Scope of application